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Review and Advertisement Information

Dear supplier,
Thank you for reaching out. I can offer you a review of one of your products or an advertisement for your products or company. My audience expects to see tutorials on my channel. Therefore it works best to embed an advertisement within my product videos. This way, your advertisement will have the highest chance of being seen by a lot of people. I can offer you the following options for reviews and advertisements on my channel:

Product review

A Smart Home related product review consists of a 5-10 minute long video about one of your products, explaining what it can do and how you can connect it to applications like Home Assistant.

Costs: €995 excl. VAT*

* Discounts can be applied depending on conditions.

See an example of such a video here:


An advertisement in one of my videos can contain:

  • A product advertisement with a short explanation of explaining how the product works of max 1 minute within a tutorial video.
  • A company advertisement of a maximum of 1 minute within a tutorial video.

Costs: € 200 excl. VAT for each video

See an example of such an advertisement in this video:

Contact me for reviews and advertisements