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You can buy the codes that I show in my videos in my webshop. This saves you time and frustration and you sponsor me so that I can keep creating these tutorial videos for you.

Why do I ask for money for the code?

You might wonder why I ask for money for the code that I create. Home Assistant is an Open Source project and a lot of people think that open-source means “for free”. This is a misunderstanding. Open-source means that the source of the code is open and that you can alter the code so that it suits your needs. Open source does not mean that the code is free. There are very big open-source projects in the world that cost a lot of money for a license. Developers spend hundreds of hours writing code and can decide if they want to give away their code for free or ask for compensation.

My Smart Home Junkie channel is not a hobby, but my livelihood. I depend on donations to pay for my daily expenses. Most creators ask you to buy them a coffee, and I thought it would be nice to give something back for the price of that coffee. This is why I opened my webshop where you can buy the code if you don’t want to type it from the screen.