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How to Install Zigbee2MQTT in Home Assistant – TUTORIAL – NEW VERSION

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Next to the native ZHA integration, you can also install Zigbee2MQTT to control your Zigbee devices in Home Assistant. I will show you how to set this up in this video tutorial. This is the SECOND OF THE FOUR Zigbee integration videos that I am creating currently and that will come out in the next couple of days. The other videos are about how to set up Zigbee integration using ZHA and deCONZ. In the last video, I will compare these integrations and will let you know what my findings and conclusions are on these integrations and which one will fit your needs best in what scenarios.

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You can watch the video tutorial here

Possible solutions for 502: Bad gateway error

If you get a 502: Bad Gateway error you can try the following steps:

  • Add the following lines to the mqtt section:
user: mqtt-user
password: your-password
  • Connect the dongle through a USB-extension cable
  • Update the Sonoff Dongle. Watch this video on how to do this.
  • Change the Zigbee Channel in the configuration of Zigbee2MQTT. See this link on how to do that

Steps to Install Zigbee2MQTT

Zigbee2MQTT supports a lot of devices. Here’s the list of supported devices.

  1. First, you have to install the Mosquitto broker. You can find the Mosquitto broker in the add-on store in Home Assistant.
  2. Create a Home Assistant user with the username MQTT-user and a passowrd of your choice.
  3. After you’ve installed Mosquitto broker, you can install the Zigbee2MQTT add-on. This can also be found in the add-on store in Home Assistant.
    Make sure you set the configuration in the add-on as follows:
  4. Within the mqtt field:
server: mqtt://core-mosquitto
user: MQTT-user
password: <your-password>
  1. Within the serial field:
port: /dev/ttyACM0
adapter: deconz

The adapter setting is only needed if you use a Conbee 2 stick. Otherwise, remove it from the serial field!

  1. Now start Zigbee2MQTT
  2. When Zigbee2MQTT is started, you can start adding devices to Zigbee2MQTT.
  3. When the devices are added, you can start creating automations in Home Assistant for your Zigbee devices.
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