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These ZemiSmart MATTER devices ACTUALLY work with Home Assistant!

More and more suppliers are developing devices that support Matter. Zemismart sent me all these devices that should support Matter. Let’s find out if and how these ZemiSmart Matter devices work in Home Assistant!

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Zemismart sent me these devices to test if they work with Matter. They all support Google Home, Alexa, Smartthings, and Homekit. Being a Home Assistant enthusiast, I want to see if they work with Home Assistant using the SkyConnect and how I can control them. Zemismart sent me the following devices:

  1. A Smart color light bulb.
  2. A Smart Downlight.
  3. A Smart roller motor.
  4. And a Smart Curtain Kit.

The Zemismart Smart Color Light bulb

Let’s start with the smart color light bulb. There’s a sticker with the QR code on the side of the lightbulb. I’d suggest taking a picture of this sticker, writing down the code, and storing it somewhere safe so that you can always connect this lightbulb, even if you lose the sticker. There’s also a copy of the QR code in the manual of your lightbulb, so you can store that in a safe place too. We must put the lightbulb in pairing mode by switching it on and off five times. You need to use the Home Assistant companion app to pair a Matter device to Home Assistant.

Setup the lightbulb in Home Assistant

Go to Settings -> Devices and Services and click Add Integration. Now choose Add Matter device and scan the QR code on the lightbulb. Home Assistant will try to connect to the lightbulb now. I tried to connect it multiple times, but the lightbulb just wouldn’t connect. So, I investigated what the cause could be and tried to connect the lightbulb using HomeKit. That didn’t work either and it made me think that something else must have been wrong in my network. Then I remembered that I use Adguard to block advertisements in my network and that this might have an impact on connecting to this lightbulb. So, I disabled Adguard, and pairing to the lightbulb using HomeKit worked after that.

I am not really sure if Adguard was the issue, or that there were some communication issues because I asked the guys from Home Assistant and they told me that there might still be communication issues using the SkyConnect and Matter. Anyway, this is the way how I made it work.

Then, I paired the lightbulb to Home Assistant using the SkyConnect and that worked too. So, now I can control the lightbulb using Home Assistant. The lightbulb itself has very bright colors and I also like the warm white and cold white colors. I’m definitely going to use this lightbulb in my own house.

This lightbulb also works with Google Home, Alexa, Smartthings, and Homekit.

Price of the Lightbulb

The price of this lightbulb is currently 13,67 for one piece and gets cheaper when you order multiple lightbulbs. You can buy it on AliExpress, Amazon, and the official Zemismart store. You will find a link to where you can buy this lightbulb in the description of this video. I also left some coupon codes in the description so that you can buy them at a discount.

The Zemismart Smart Downlight

Then I tried to connect the Smart Downlight. The downlight comes with a transformer and can be connected to the main power directly. First, I had to put it into pairing mode by turning it on and off 10 times. After that, I tried to add it to Home Assistant, just like I did with the Light bulb. This time, the pairing worked immediately and I could control the colors and brightness of the Smart Downlight. Very cool. The downlight is super bright. You do not see the LED inside and the colors are vibrant. This downlight also works with Google Home, Alexa, Smartthings, and Homekit.

The only thing with these lights is that the lowest brightness looks still very bright to me, but, to be honest, I experience the same with other smart lights.

Price of the Downlight

The price of this downlight is currently 31,29 for the smallest version. You can buy it on AliExpress, Amazon, and in the official ZemiSmart store. The link to where you can buy these with a discount is in the description of this video. Check it out!

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The Zemismart Smart Roller Motor

Now, let’s set up the third device which is the roller motor for your roller blinds. This motor can be put into your existing roller blind so that you can make your existing roller blinds smart. There’s a remote control in the package that can be used to set up the up limit, down limit, and middle limit settings. You’ll need to set up the top, middle, and bottom positions to control the roller motor using a percentage in Home Assistant.

To pair it, I needed to push the reset pin three times. Then I can start adding a new integration in Home Assistant and the Home Assistant will start searching for the roller motor. This roller motor connects straight away to Home Assistant using the SkyConnect dongle. It shows as a cover in Home Assistant and you can open and close it fully, but you can also open it by a percentage. Installing this roller motor was really easy and the connection is very stable! And of course, this Roller Motor works with Google Home, Alexa, Smartthings, and Homekit too!

The price of the Roller Motor

The price of this roller motor including the remote is currently 66,47. You can buy different variations at AliExpress, Amazon, and the official ZemiSmart store at a discount if you use the links and coupon codes in the description of this video.

The Zemismart Smart Curtain Track

Now, let’s head over to the biggest device that Zemismart sent to me: the Zemismart Smart Curtain Track. This thing is massive! It’s so well built and robust that I feel that it can handle very heavy curtains. The curtain track can be adjusted in length so that it fits your curtain. There are various sets available up to a track length of 5 meters.

You can charge the motor battery so that it works for a week when the power is cut off. The motor is really strong and can run at three speeds so that you can choose how fast you want the curtains to open and close. This curtain track comes with a remote control so that you can control the track without having to use your phone. And, when you pull the curtain manually, the motor also starts automatically. The curtain track uses Matter over Thread, and it works with Homekit, Google Home, Smartthings, and Alexa.

Setup Homekit

Connecting it to HomeKit was fairly easy. To connect it to Homekit, you need a Matter Hub like the HomePod Mini or an Apple TV 4K second generation or higher. I used the Homepod Mini as a Matter Hub. First, you need to put the curtain track in pairing mode by clicking the reset button 3 times. Then you can add the curtain track in Homekit by opening the Home app and clicking on the plus sign and selecting Add Accessory. Then scan the QR code and the curtain track will be added to Homekit. After that, you can control it with Homekit.

Setup Home Assistant

After I connected this curtain track to Homekit, I tried to connect it to Home Assistant and after a couple of failed attempts, I managed to connect it to Home Assistant as well so that I can now control the curtain track in Home Assistant. I can open and close the curtains, but can also select a percentage to not fully close or open the curtains. This is great. Now I can close my curtains automatically when everybody leaves the house when it’s dark for example.


The price of this curtain track varies based on the length that you choose. The 2-meter set costs 179,64 and the longest set of 5 meters costs 222,75. You can buy the curtain track at AliExpress and at the official Zemismart store. If you follow the links in the description of the video and use the coupon codes that I added there, you can buy them at a discount.


I must say, getting these devices to work was quite an adventure. Matter is still in beta on Home Assistant, so sometimes I struggled to get them to work. But, in the end, I managed to pair every device in Home Assistant using the SkyConnect. If you want to know more about the SkyConnect, then please watch this video where I explain what it is and what you can do with it. I must say that the response time is superfast and, when the devices are set up, the connection is very stable. So yeah, I am happy with these devices and I think Zemismart did a great job to release these devices that support Matter.

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