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What’s new in Home Assistant October 2023.10 – Tile card features

This must be the smallest visual release of Home Assistant this year! Let’s quickly get over the latest additions and changes in Home Assistant 2023.10.

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The summer vacation is over and version 2023.10 Home Assistant will be released on the first Wednesday of October. At this moment, the bèta is already available, so if you want to stay on the bleeding edge of Home Assistant, you can install the bèta already. Please be aware that the functionalities that I show in this video might slightly differ from the final release this upcoming Wednesday.

The new logo

I don’t think it’s possible that you’ve missed it, but Home Assistant has a new logo. This was done for the 10th anniversary of Home Assistant. Let me know what you think of this logo in the comments below the video.

New Tile Card Features

With every release, Home Assistant adds new Tile card features so that a dashboard can be based on Tile cards only. And, in the end, drag and drop can be supported, but this might take some time before that will be implemented.

Climate preset modes

The Climate Tile card has a new feature to show the preset modes now. You can choose to show them as a dropdown or as icons.

Select dropdown features

Now that a dropdown can be shown in a Tile card, you can also use this dropdown functionality in a Tile card for any select entity, and also for a dropdown helper.

Map entity marker options

You can now edit some options for the entities that you show on your map card. This can be done in Yaml. You can change the name of the entity, and you can change the label mode of the entity. This way, you can either show the name or the state of the entity on the map. Furthermore, you can set the focus to true or false so that your entity is centered on the map or not.

Password managers and Home Assistant

Some password managers like 1 Password didn’t work with the Home Assistant login screen. This is fixed now, so if you use 1 Password, you can use that now to log in to Home Assistant. I personally use Bitwarden, so I have not experienced this issue before.

Image Fit Mode

The picture-entity card now has an image fit mode so that you have more control over how your image looks when it’s placed on a dashboard. There are three modes: cover, contain, and fill.

In the cover mode, the image keeps its aspect ratio and fills the given dimension. The image will be clipped to fit.

In the contain mode, the image keeps its aspect ratio but is resized to fit within the given dimension.

And, in the fill mode, the image the image is resized to fill the given dimension. If necessary, the image will be stretched or squished to fit

Other Noteworthy Changes

These were the major changes for this release. But, there are more noteworthy changes that you can find in this list. The link is in the description below.

In short:

  • If you use ESPHom e, you will notice that the backups of Home Assistant are a lot smaller now.
  • The Homekit Bridge integration supports media receivers now.
  • The Roborock Integration now has water and last cleaned sensors too.
  • Withings is now easier to set up and works with Home Assistant Cloud webhooks.
  • The Rain Bird integration has calendar support, so you can see your irrigation schedule in Home Assistant.
  • The System Bridge integration supports notifications.
  • and, life360 now has a button to trigger the location update.

New Integrations

Every release has new integrations and this time the following integrations are added:

  • Apple Weatherkit
  • EcoForest
  • Medcom Bluetooth
  • Private BLE Device, which is very cool because now you can track BLE devices that change their MAC address.
  • Switchbot Cloud
  • Weatherflow

and a virtual integration has been added for Enmax Energy.

Next to new integrations, some integrations are now available to set up from the UI. These are:

  • AfterShip
  • Color extractor
  • Hunter Hydrawise
  • NextBus
  • Todoist
  • Twitch
  • and World Air Quality Index.


As always, this video is created based on the beta release of Home Assistant 2023.10, so the functionalities in the final release might slightly differ from what’s in the beta. The final release of Home Assistant 2023.10 will be released on the 1st Wednesday of October. Make sure you read the breaking changes to prevent you from running into any trouble after you’ve updated to this version.

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