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How To Set Up ZHA in Home Assistant

How To Set Up ZHA in Home Assistant
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So, you bought yourself a Zigbee coordinator stick and want to control your Zigbee devices in Home Assistant using the native ZHA or Zigbee Home Automation integration? I will show you how to set up ZHA in this tutorial. This is the FIRST ONE OF THE FOUR Zigbee integration tutorials that I am creating currently and that will come out in the next couple of days. The other tutorials are about how to set up Zigbee integration using Zigbee2MQTT and deCONZ. In the last tutorial, I will compare these integrations and will let you know what my findings and conclusions are on these integrations and which one will fit your needs best in what scenarios.

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ZHA is the native Zigbee integration of Home Assistant. If you plug in your Zigbee stick like the Conbee 2 or the Sonoff Zigbee 3.0 USB Dongle Plus, Home Assistant recognizes your Zigbee stick immediately through ZHA.

Set up ZHA

ZHA supports a lot of devices as you can see on this site. Installing ZHA is easy. Setting it up costs around 30 seconds.

After you’ve installed ZHA in Home Assistant, you can start adding devices to ZHA. For example, you can pair a Zigbee lightbulb, a Zigbee motion sensor, or a Zigbee Smart Plug with energy metering.

All these devices will automatically be found in Home Assistant when you put them into pairing mode.


When your Zigbee devices are paired to Home Assistant, add automations to make your house come alive.

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